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Right idea, right now
– bringing Silence to the UK

Two-wheel transportation is on the rise in Britain and it’s undergoing an electric revolution. 


This growth is due to shifts in consumer attitudes and regulation, particularly in urban areas. More and more individual commuters want to avoid the cost, congestion and environmental impact of travelling by car. And local authorities are introducing Clean Air Zones, car-free areas and other measures to improve urban air quality.


And of course, the year 2020 changed a lot about how we work. Wary urban travellers are looking to stay away from the packed bus or train.

All this is accelerating demand for smaller, affordable electric vehicles. Silence meets that demand head-on, with the latest in EV design and technology, backed by a leading manufacturer. 

Silence UK is a new venture formed to bring the all-electric smart motor scooter to UK travellers and businesses. Founded by four British business leaders, combining automotive, retail and technology expertise, Silence UK will extend the Barcelona-based Silence brand into the rapidly expanding UK electric two-wheel market.

“The UK transportation market is changing at an unprecedented pace; the launch of the Silence family of class-leading electric moto scooters meets the demands of consumers and companies on so many levels. 


The Silence brand is cool, the products are even cooler – simple, smart, clean and beautifully designed. We’re excited about bringing Silence to Britain, delivering class-leading products and providing a class-leading ownership experience to a new family of customers.”


John Edwards, co-founder, Silence UK

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