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Recommended insurance agents

We recommend two of the leading insurance agents in the UK to ensure our customers get fair and affordable insurance. We advise you contact these agents direct, via phone preferably, to access the best service and obtain the best quotes. 

N.B. Silence is not featured on comparison websites so we recommend you always go direct.

Admiral Insurance

Trust us - we've been doing car insurance for 30 years


Admiral is a UK based insurance company, set up in 1993 to specialise in car insurance. We’ve come a long way since then and now offer a lot more than just car insurance.

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For a quote click here

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Lexham Insurance

Lexham Insurance Consultants Ltd launched in October 2000 predominately as a white-label insurance broker offering moped, scooter & motorcycle insurance schemes for manufacturers and importers within the UK. As the company grew by working officially with some of the biggest brands in the industry such as Vespa-Piaggio and Yamaha, they were able to evolve into further lines of business.

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For a quote call 01379 646 504


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