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All the latest Silence reviews


Reviews | 31 July 2023

Read the latest review of the S01 Plus by @Exeterrider

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Reviews | 21 June 2022

Electric performance meets electrifying style: the new Silence S01+.

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Reviews | 20 June 2022

Silence’s new range-topping S01+ brings added electric performance.

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Reviews | 26 February 2022

From a Tesla to an electric scooter and bicycle… seven EVs battle it out on the track at Brands Hatch.

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Reviews | 20 June 2022

New Silence S01+ joins line-up as new performance range-topper.

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Reviews | 22 February 2022

New EV lap records at Brands Hatch.

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Reviews | 22 February 2022

Move Electric sets SEVEN lap records at Brands Hatch.

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Reviews | 18 December 2021

Jack Scarlett from Fully Charged reviews the Silence S01 Connected.

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Reviews | 30 November 2021

This Electric Scooter Goes 100 miles For Just £1! | NEW Silence S01 Connected Review.

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Reviews | 16 November 2021

Silence S01 Connected Review 2021 - Electric Scooter Road Test.

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Reviews | 25 August 2021

Superbike News spends a week testing the S01 around the roads of West Sussex.

Silence News Stories - Luxurious Magazin

Reviews | 03 June 2021

Jeremy Webb reviews the Silence S01 and now considers himself a fully paid-up member of the Silence fan club.

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Reviews | June 2021

Guest blogger and motorcycle enthusiast, Greg Carter talks about the Silence SO1 electric motorcycle.

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Reviews | 26 April 2021 (SLUK) have become Silence fans. Read the detailed review of the electric Silence S01 and the mini test of the business-focused S02 Low Speed Long Range. SLUK is the UK's biggest online community focused on scooters, scooter riders and the scooterist lifestyle.

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Reviews | 18 March 2021

The combined issues of urban air quality, congestion and Coronavirus are accelerating demand for smaller, affordable electric vehicles. The Silence S01 provides a truly credible and environmentally friendly offering.

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Reviews | 04 March 2021

The Silence revolution: Silence S01 Reviewed.

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Reviews | March 2020

Video review of the Silence S01 from online motorbike magazine

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