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My Silence App

100% connected mobility

Battery level & available autonomy

Vehicle location

Alarm activation




100% connected mobility

Everything you need to know about your electric vehicle in my Silence App: friend-sharing: share your Silence with friends, track it's location, check the range and battery charge status, create routes, and activate the security alarm. In the S04 Nanocar, you can also pre-condition the interior of your vehicle, use keyless entry, and remotely open or close the windows!


How to register your Silence vehicle

Link your vehicle in just 3 steps!

01. Download my Silence App

Download my Silence App in Play Store or Apple Store:


02. Register

By providing your personal information and verifying your email address.

03. Add new vehicle

Before starting the linking process, make sure you have coverage on both your mobile device and the vehicle. Follow these steps: 1. Keep the vehicle turned on with the key. 2. Enter the vehicle's VIN (either manually or using the barcode scanner, and remember it is case-sensitive). 3. A numeric code will appear on the motorcycle's display, enter it into the app. Ready to go!


Vehicle linked. Ready to go!

Need help? In the same app, go to the FAQs section where you will find videos on how to use your my Silence App and get the most out of it.

What can I do with the my Silence App?


Vehicle status

Check the status of your battery and available autonomy. Additionally, you will receive alerts regarding the vehicle temperature and more.


Vehicle location

Can't remember where you parked your vehicle? Don't worry. Now you can locate it in real-time.


Keyless access

Can't find your keys? Don't worry! Access and start your vehicle without a physical key, conveniently through my Silence App.


Friend sharing

Share your vehicle with everyone.. Are you someone who shares a vehicle at home? Forget about passing the keys around, simply share access through the App.


Route creation

Use our smartphone mount and our App as a GPS for safer driving.


And much more...

Take advantage of many other features such as vehicle pre-condtioning and remote window control in the S04 Nanocar.

A new concept of mobility that is easy and convenient

Discover the 100% connected Silence vehicles.


S04 Nanocar


S01 Connected

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S02 Business+

Ready to switch to electric?

Come and visit the Silence flagship store in person, learn about our models and services and take a test drive.

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