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Energy wherever you want!

Energy in the park, for a party, for camping, for your boat, for the house in the mountains...

2019-10-28 Silence

Introducing the new NOMAD, an inverter with which you can get the most most of your battery's accumulated energy. Now, not only can you get around the city with your electric vehicle while being able to charge it wherever and whenever you want, you can also power up many other devices. You just have to connect the battery to the Nomad Inverter, which transforms the voltage from 60 V to 220 V.


The inverter has two sockets where you can plug in any household appliance or electronic device, wherever you are. 

Price £533.75 

Including VAT

3.000 W

Rated power

Maximum power

6000 W

High versatility

EU and USB connectors

Portable system

Transportable backpack

Portable energy...

Thanks to its backpack design, the NOMAD is portable (as is your removable battery), allowing you to use both wherever you are. All you have to do is connect the Battery Pack to the NOMAD, along with the device you want to use.


You can connect different household appliances or electrical devices, be it a mobile phone, a laptop, a coffee maker, a lamp, a TV, a fan, a portable refrigerator, a toaster... up to a maximum output of 3000 W, thanks to its two 220 V alternating current outlets (2 Schuko connectors) plus its USB output of 5 V of direct current. 

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