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All the latest news from Silence UK


News | 15 May 2024

You're never too old!!!

Another happy customer with his brand-new Silence S04 ‘Noddy’!!

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News | September 2023

Sharing our thoughts and experiences on the transition to net zero with the Chancellor last week.

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News | September 2023

Powered Light Vehicle village – discover the future of zero emission lightweight transport.

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News | August 2023

Soon, the Silence S04 will be here!

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News | 27 May 2021

The UK’s biggest EV website checks out the best electric mopeds on the market.

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News | 18 March 2021

The Silence range of scooters incorporates bikes for urban commuters through to professional business users.

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News | 27 January 2021

AA calls for Silence, with UK-first e-moto scooter partnership.

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News | 12 January 2021

Silence electric scooter brand launches in the UK.


News | 08 April 2023

Silence UK’s S04 Nanocar leads the charge.

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News | September 2023

 Joining the Chancellor yesterday for a discussion on supporting the growth of green industries.

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News | 03 August 2023

Top 8 Electric Scooters and Mopeds 2023 | 125 equivalent.

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News | 08 November 2021

Silence UK partners with Solihull Council to deliver e-moto taster sessions for local residents.

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News | 24 May 2021

Going Electric Is Easier Than Ever – Silence UK Launches Finance Partnership With Motonovo.


News | March 2021

Charging ahead – Silence batteries just like new after 25,000 miles.

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News | 13 January 2021

Silence e-moto scooters arrive in UK.


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News | 18 January 2021

Car Dealer Live talks to two of our founders about the company, the team and our brilliant e-moto scooters.

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News | 20 September 2023

Silence UK welcomes industry expert Andy Fenwick to build the brand and expand UK market.

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News | September 2023

Why not join our Powered Light Vehicle Community.


News | 31 August 2023

Read the latest review of the S01 Plus by @Exeterrider here.

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News | 13 September 2021

AA teams with Silence UK for electric breakdown concept.

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News | 22 March 2021

The Silence Ultra-Green Electric Scooters will be a huge positive for UK roads.

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News | February 2021

Engineering magazine interviewed CEO and founder of Silence, Carlos Sotelo Rosell.

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News | 13 January 2021

Former Land Rover and Nissan bosses launch electric scooter brand in UK.

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