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Can we help?

Here are some frequently asked questions that will help you. If you do not find your answer you can contact us by phone on 0330 390 5656 or email us at

How can I test ride a Silence e-moto scooter?

You can book at test ride from our Solihull flagship store – click the button at the top of the page and we will get back to you ASAP. For test rides with one of our dealers contact them directly.  If there isn’t a site that’s convenient for you to visit, please call us on 0330 390 5656 or email and we’ll do all we can to help.

Please note that you will need to have a bike licence or a current CBT (compulsory basic training) to be able to test ride* a Silence e-moto scooter.

*If you completed your driving test before 1st February 2001 then you can ride the S02 2kWh low speed (50cc equivalent) without a CBT.

Does Silence have a dealership or showroom I can visit?

Silence’s headquarters and flagship retail store is based in Solihull, West Midlands. The store has our full UK range on display along with a host of accessories for both business and personal use. Our product specialists are on hand to answer all questions, help with finance options and organise test rides. Come and visit us!

By the end of 2021 Silence will be represented by agents all over the UK. Go to our locations to see the current map of stores and agents where you can view, take a test ride and purchase a Silence e-moto Scooter. If there isn’t a site that’s convenient for you to visit, please call us on 0330 390 5656 or email and we’ll do all we can to help.

What licence do I need to ride a Silence electric e-moto scooter on UK roads?

Silence S01+, S01 Connected and S02 Business Plus

The Silence S01 and S02 models are 125cc equivalents and therefore are in the L3e-A1 category for motorcycles. These can be ridden by any person over 17 years of age, with a provisional licence and having completed their CBT (compulsory basic training). Even with a full driving licence the CBT must be completed.​


For those of us who are a little older and passed our driving test before 1st February 2001, then officially we do not need to complete the CBT to ride a 50cc equivalent bike. However, the one-day course is extremely useful, and we would always recommend anyone new to powered two-wheelers to sign up and do the training.   

Find your nearest motorcycle training centre here.


We recommend you check out the GOV.UK website to get all the most up to date facts CBT motorcycle and moped training – GOV.UK (

Will the Silence electric e-moto Scooter need road tax, registration document, number plates and MOT?

Good news, electric motorcycles are exempt from vehicle tax. But, like all vehicles, they must be registered with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) and display number plates. 


Every vehicle in the UK over three years old needs an MOT test and motorcycles are no exception. This will cover all the standard tests for a motorcycle.   

Do you offer finance to buy a Silence electric e-moto scooter?

Our partner, MotoNovo, is providing an introductory rate of 8.9% APR Representative on HP agreements across a 36 or 48-month period, with no minimum deposit required. The offer is available to all customers, across the full Silence electric range. MotoNovo can also create personal packages around individual customers’ needs. Want to know more? We have some illustrative examples here

How can I insure my Silence electric e-moto scooter?

We have partnered with two of the leading insurance agents in the UK to ensure our customers get fair and affordable insurance. We advise you contact these agents direct, via phone preferably, to access the best service and obtain the best quotes.


Lexham Insurance

For a quote call 01379 646 504



For a quote call 0330 021 5596

What is it like to ride one of the Silence electric e-moto scooters?

Riding a Silence electric e-moto scooter is a brilliant experience that puts a smile on the face of everyone who rides one, even die-hard bikers! Electric power delivers instant power so our S01 and S02 models can move from 0-30mph in only 3.9 seconds. And with the lower centre of gravity, they feel really planted on the road. Take a test ride and experience the Silence smile.

Are there any reviews on the Silence electric e-moto scooters available?

Yes. In fact, the Silence S01 has been awarded top spot in an exhaustive study of two-wheel EVs, by German testing authority, ADAC. ADAC tested five electric scooters, including established models from Piaggio and NIU. As well as attracting the highest overall score, the Silence S01 also topped the rankings in all four of the study’s categories – daily use, ergonomics, power and riding characteristics. Read the full story or watch the video here.

You can also read reviews of the S01 from The Sun, Autocar BusinessMove ElectricFully ChargedAuto ExpressThe AALuxurious MagazineScooterLab, AutoTrader and The Mirror.

What does it cost to run a Silence electric scooter?

We estimate daily running costs are slashed by 80% and maintenance costs by 30%. That’s a huge saving compared to traditional alternatives. You can probably cover a mile for less that £0.01 so you can travel 100 miles for only £1.

How long do Silence e-moto scooter batteries take to charge?

We generally don’t think anyone will run their batteries down to zero. However, in the rare case that this happens our 2kWh batteries take 3-4 hours from empty and the 5.6kWh batteries take 6-8 hours.

How do I charge my Silence e-motor scooter battery?

Charging a Silence e-moto scooter could not be easier. Silence batteries use a UK 3-pin plug and be charged from any standard 240v socket. You can either charge the battery in situ in the scooter or use Silence’s innovative ‘click and go’ trolley system to remove from the scooter and simply wheel it to wherever there is a plug – your home, a coffee shop or a friend’s kitchen.

What warranty do you have on Silence electric e-moto scooters and batteries?

There is a comprehensive three-year manufacturers’ warranty on Silence batteries and two- years on our e-moto scooters. Plus we offer, as standard on all models, two years’ breakdown cover with our partner the AA.

Are Silence electric e-motor scooters classed as bikes, mopeds, scooters or motorbikes?

The choice of electric two-wheeled products is growing all the time, and the names people use have got very intertwined and a little confusing. The Silence e-moto scooters might be called mopeds by some, scooters, motorbikes or even electric bikes by others.

We call our Silence range ‘e-moto scooters’. Why? Because they are fully electric, have a simple twist and go operation with an easy to ride modern ‘step-through’ design. They are the equivalent of both 50cc and 125cc powered two-wheelers but are cleaner, smarter and more useful than the traditional alternatives. And they only cost around £0.01p per mile to run!

Where are Silence e-moto scooters manufactured?

Silence was established in Barcelona in 2012 by bike and race engineering experts and enthusiasts with the passion to transform commuting in urban areas. Silence has now become Europe’s biggest specialist EV manufacturer producing 10,000 scooters a year and selling in 25 countries. We design, engineer and manufacture in Spain and we only make electric scooters – we are, and want to remain, the absolute best in what we do and what we create for our customers and our communities. 

Ready to switch to electric?

Come and visit the Silence flagship store in person, learn about our models and services and take a test drive.

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